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    Pickup, Wash, Dry, Fold, Deliver

    We Do the Laundry So You Don't Have To

    Pickups can be scheduled for your home, place of employment, or anywhere. Just let us know when and where.

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  • What We Do

    Family Laundry Care is a complete laundry & dry cleaning delivery service


    Pickup, Wash, Dry, Fold & Deliver - It's What We Do



    Available 6a-9p

    We always send you a text to let you know we are on our way. When we arrive to pickup your laundry, for your convenience you can pay at your door step. We accept multiple forms of payment to help you prepay from wherever you are.


    We wash with our detergent or that of your choice. We can be as custom as you are.

    After your laundry arrives at our location, we make sure its tagged with your information. We then check your account for your specific washing instructions.


    We dry your clothes on low, medium, or hot. We also line dry upon request for delicates.

    As soon as your laundry is washed, it goes directly into one of our dryers and is tagged with your information so we can keep track of your laundry at all times.


    Your clothes are folded the moment they dry using laundry boards to keep them as wrinkle-free as possible.

    After folding, your laundry is placed into paper bags that are easy on the environment and help keep your laundry stable so it looks crisp at the time of delivery. 


    Available 6a-9p

    Before we leave our office, we will always send you a text to let you know we are on our way. We then drive to your location (home, work, anywhere) and deliver your laundry.

    It's that simple.

    Premium Services

    Ironing, Steaming, Dry Cleaning

    Please visit our pricing page to learn more about our premium services. You don't have to have any laundry for us to take care of these items. We will be happy to take care of all of your laundry needs as you see fit.

  • Pricing

    Family Laundry Care is a complete laundry & dry cleaning delivery service


    Standard Laundry By The Load


    Our Standard Laundry By The Load will be washed in cold water, with detergent and fabric softener. It will be dried on medium/high.

    If you do not want fabric softener used, please specify. If you would like a custom combination that you do not see listed on this page, please contact us so we can customize your account.

    Custom Laundry By The Load

    $Upon Request

    Our Custom Laundry By The Load will be tailored to your specific needs or to the needs of your family. Please send us an email or give us a call so we can setup your account to care for your needs. Your laundry can be as custom as you are.

    Line Dried Items

    $0.75 Each

    If you are particular about having certain items line/hung dry, our line dried items will be tailored to your specific needs or to the needs of your family.

    Laundered Business Attire

    $2.99 Each

    We will launder & steam press business shirts, slacks, shorts, skirts, dresses, jeans, and t-shirts. Other items upon request.

    Dry Cleaning

    $Upon Request

    Why leave your house with your dry cleaning when we're already picking up your laundry? Call/Email us for more details or ask our driver.

    Monthly Subscription

    $Call or Email for Pricing

    Sign up for a monthly laundry subscription to receive heavily discounted pricing and specialized constant service. Work in an office? We offer special subscriptions to business as well. Call/Email or ask our driver for details.

  • F.A.Q.

    Get To Know Us!

    How Do I Request A Pickup?

    If you're a returning customer, you can send us a text at 903-480-Wash(9274) or email wash@FamilyLaundryCare.com containing your pickup/delivery date & time. (Example: Pickup on Monday 6a-8a; deliver on Wednesday 1p-5p). A returning customer may also call us at 903-480-WASH(9274) or fill out our online form.


    If you are a new customer, you can still contact us via the four ways above, but we will need the following information: first & last name, full address, good contact number, email address, pickup time & delivery time.

    Do You Offer Same Day Or Next Day Service?

    For laundry, we offer same day and next day service if your laundry is picked up before 10:00a.

    For dry cleaning, we do not offer same day service, but we do offer next day if your item is to us before 9:00a on the previous day.

    Please call for more details at 903-480-WASH(9274).

    How Do You Handle Payment?

    Payments are handled at the time of laundry pickup. If you are on one of our monthly plans, payment is automatically changed to your card on the 1st of each month. If you choose to have your laundry picked up and delivered to your doorstep, you can pre-pay your invoice online.


    We accept all major credit cards, Square, Paypal and good ol' fashion money. No checks are accepted.

    How Do I Change My Pickup or Delivery Time?

    Simply send us a text (903-480-9274), email (wash@FamilyLaundyCare.com), or give us a call (903-480-WASH) and we will reschedule your appointment. It's that easy.

    What If I'm Not Home When You Arrive?

    We always text you before we head to your home, so just reply that you need to reschedule. There is a $5 fee for each failed delivery. However, if you have a one-time emergency, we completely understand and will waive the fee. We can also leave your laundry at your door, if requested.

    What If My Clothes Are Damaged?

    We treat your laundry as if it was our laundry. We do all we can to ensure nothing is damaged. All items are washed in front loader washers so no agitators of any kind are used ever. We also NEVER wash your laundry with anyone else's laundry and all machines are inspected in detail after each wash/dry. We provide customers with small netted bags so any delicates (or stained items) can be placed in them. All clothes are also dried on medium/high to be more gentle with each dry. If requested, we can also hand wash items.


    Clothing naturally ages and there is inevitably wear and tear, so we cannot guarantee items. But as our name suggests, we treat your clothing as if it was our own family's and we do our best to keep it in good condition so it can last you many, many washings. If we notice an item may be on its last leg, we will separate this and put a note in your laundry informing you.

    What If My Clothes Are Lost or Stolen?

    To date we have never lost any laundry, nor had any stolen. However, if this were to occur we ensure each load of laundry for $100.00 when in our possession.

    Do I Need Laundry Bags?

    No. Prior to your first visit, we will provide you with laundry bags (and small netted bags, if needed). We will charge you a fee for the laundry bags, but as soon as you use our service, this fee will be returned to you.

    Do I Need To Separate My Laundry Prior To Pickup?

    This is up to you. We want to do whatever makes you comfortable. So, you can separate it yourself or we can do this for you. Please keep in mind that if we separate your laundry for you, we cannot ensure that we will separate it exactly how you would.

    Do I Need To Separate My Laundry & Dry Cleaning Prior To Pickup?

    Yes. This must always be separated. We will provide you with a separate dry cleaning bag upon request.

    What If An Item Is Stained?

    If you have an item that has a stain on it, simply pretreat your item at home and put it into one of our small netted bags (provided upon request). Be Sure to inform us of your stained item. After we wash your item, we will check it and if the stain is removed we will dry your item. If the stain is still on your item, we will line dry your item and include a note with your load of laundry upon return.

    What About My Delicates?

    All delicate items must be placed in a separate small netted bag and will be washed in this bag and then line dried upon request. If you would like these items hand washed, we can do that upon request.

    What If Your Washer/Dryer Eats My Socks?

    We place all socks in a netted bag to insure that our washers and dryers never eat your socks. If we noticed one is missing while folding your socks, we will send a note home to you so that you can locate its mate.

  • Testimonials

    Our Motto Is - Customer First


    "We don't "wash" laundry. We are a customer service company, that happens to provide laundry care."


    Mary P.

    "As a working mom, I found myself working 8 hours at the office and then 8 at home. I was so tired at the end of each night and then I realized, I still had the laundry to do! I spent my Saturdays, not with my family but catching up on laundry. Thanks to Family Laundry all I have to do is make an appointment and all my laundry is cleaned for the week! My Saturday's can now be spent with my family!"

    Michael M.

    "I can run out of dishes and eat off paper plates, I can run out of groceries and go out to eat, but when I ran out of laundry I had no other options, until now! Family Laundry Care Rocks!!"

    Kelly W.

    "As a single mom I was so excited when I heard about family laundry, at first I worried I couldn't afford it, but then when i realized it cost as much as a trip to a fast food place, I quickly saw what was more important. Now I have time to cook meals at home with my daughter, not only are we spending more time together, eating healthier, but we never have to worry about if our clothes are clean. Thank you family laundry care."

    Matthew S.

    "I'm a full time college student and don't have time for laundry. I even at times had to buy new items lol. Since I don't have much, this was easy to fit into my budget, one less thing to worry about while working and attending school full time."

    Dan F.

    "I purchased a monthly package for my mother who is older but still able to live on her own. What a perfect gift for an aging parent who cannot handle the laundry. Not only have I become the favorite son, but I was able to do so at a price that didn't hurt my wallet!"

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